We are a team of tourism professionals with many years of experience, gathered their ideas and enthusiasm together for the opening of a special travel company able to open access to travel to Uzbekistan for tourists with special needs due to religious prejudices.

The present-day Uzbekistan is the birthplace of many great personalities who have made their unique contribution to the history of Islam and all mankind.  Names such as al-Bukhari, al Termezi and Bahovuddin Nakshbandi not may not mean anything for Muslims around the world, it's the names of the people who devoted his life to Islam and educating the entire Ummah of Muslims. To learn more about the way of life of these people and their labors, to visit their tombs and make Dua for them is the least gratitude that we can all give them.

Many Muslims, when you think about travel are concerned Galernogo power and rate. It is difficult in a foreign country to predict in advance how Halal this or that institution, as well as to plan transportation with the possibility of timely prayer in mosques. Perhaps this is a hindrance for many Muslims to visit Uzbekistan and its ancient cities with a long history.

Our team decided to take all these concerns on themselves and organize ready-made 100% Halal Ziyarat tours in Uzbekistan. With us you can immerse yourself in the spirit of pilgrimage to do prayers, do Dua and dhikr and not think about the side effects of travel. We also believe that the beautiful nature of our region will not leave you indifferent.

We are waiting for You in our Sunny and hospitable Uzbekistan. We will be happy to serve you in your quest to know Uzbekistan and the history of Islam.